Sunday, January 28, 2007

I day of Charity a week can change the world

Have you ever thought You have so much and what could happen if you just took one day and if you do not have a day and hour a week to just donate something to someone you don't know you may never see or know what it could do for them?

I am in the Charity Blitz at Crochetville. Every month we take one day we donate everything to Various of charities January we made items for a hospital for premiees and sick kids. together with all the other wonderful people we donated of 314 items.

Febuary we will be making bereavment blankets for another hospital. So if you have a little time stop by help out it will truely change you for the rest of your life

I am also taking squares that many people have donated to me and I am making my own all the completed blankets will be given to the homeless and the abuse shelter in my local area. I have no wasted yarn if I can not makes a square a granny daughter I am making sunggles......What is a snuggle you as it is a pad for a dog or cat to lay on so they do not have to lay on cold cement or cage..

Thank you for reading my long ramblings and if you can't help one of these charities there is many on Crochetville you can or help in your area walk up to a stranger give them enough money for a coffee.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Beginning

Here is a comfortghan I assembled from squares donated by members of crochetville though the year I will be posting many of them along with the other things I do.

We all search for something in life but if you don't know where to look how do we know when we found it?

I think life is like sand on a beach. If you never stop and let the sand run through your fingers you will never find the treasure buried with in.

This site will be where I show off my crocheting life and what I do when I am not crocheting .....I am doing nothing when not crocheting.