Friday, August 31, 2007

photo sparkles

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This is the wonderful stuffie sent to me By my USKP
from the wonderful kristieMN visit her ESTY STORE at

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Let get a holiday

I have taken this moment to ask you to pass this along we have many holidays to show the love everyone has for the people of the world let make sept 12th international crochet day.. On this day we will make something with our own hands and time and give it away to a complete stranger .

here is a post by a very popular person from Crochetville you may know him from his website were he makes and sells wonderful wood hooks if not check him out at
Bid on a hook

and here is his post
Lets all get together and declare and International Crochet Day! The ball's rolling already with folks who are entering a hook giveaway contest on my blog by promising to promote the date, (Sept. 12) however they can. Several have put posts up in their blogs, passing the word, and we even have a post by Andy of "Crochet Depot" forum fame! If enogh folks spread the word, and that's not really difficult with all this internet stuff.. We'll end up with a genuine International Crochet Day that will spread goodwill around the world! Famine and wars will cease and EVERYONE will share goodness and kindness everywhere! Ok, that might be just a wee bit of an exaggeration but what harm could it do? A day for crochet!! Take a knitter to lunch! Who knows... maybe this time next year you'll see Hallmark Crochet Day cards!!Mark your calendars and spread the word!!!jimbo

Toy Swap

Today I got my Toy swap package from CrazzyCow
The box was full of goodies for the kids

My Son received a Camo Crocheted Snake, a Hacky sac. a Scooby stuffed dog ,mini crayons and skull pen.

My middle daughter received a Tie dyed doily/dishcloth., a mini crocheted koala, a pink beanie baby pony, tweety stickers. mini crayons, and skull pen

My youngest received a Crocheted Kangaroo complete with boomarang, tweety stickers, a white beanie baby pony, mini crayons, skull pen

I received samples from Mary Kay Junior mints, and honey stix
pictures to come.

Many many thanks

I have many things to be thankful for. My UKSP from crochetville sent a wonderful Sparkles the horse from KristieMN esty Site check her things out here As soon as I get my camera fixed will post it. Just for my little one while her foot heals...

that is not all she sent another wonderful package with a beautiful felted tote bag

a lovely felted hook case

two clover soft touch hooks in H, I

Stitch marker case and two home made stitch markers.
Four skeins of Bollicine Yarn in holiday color
a home made butterfly bookmark
a pack of post-it flags
a pack of sticky notes
four fashion note book that fit in my purse.
a magazine holder with three pattern books
200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton
leisure Arts Big Book of crochet
Crochet for babies and toddlers by Betty Barnden
A glass canaster with a 41 oz bag of Starburts..

pictures to come soon