Tuesday, May 22, 2007

notions and more

I received a box yesterday a 10 lb boxed filled with just a little bit of heaven. I joined the notions swap on the ville I was partnered with the best person you could ask for Kwoolls. we were suppose to send six small things and a few little extras but take a look at the photo is that a few extras Nope I will list everything because the only cam I had was my web cam.


Pattern and more patterns sheets

Ripple afghan (pattern book),RedHeart New Arrivals(Project sheet),striped pastel Delight throw(Project sheet),Rose Trellis Afghan( Project sheet),Ripple Baby blanket (Project sheet),crochet shades of blue blanket in homespun(project sheet),Harvest Afghan(project sheet),Ripple Afghan(project sheet),cozy throw(project sheet),lap rope(lion Brand),one big granny square crochet afghan(lion brand),crochet Great lengths Afghan(lion Brand),crochet plaid baby blanket(lion Brand),harvest Surprise(simply soft),out and about hat and mitten(TLC essentials),dreamy ripple crochet afghan(TLC essentials),crochet Scallop wrap (moda*dea),crochet festive top(Moda Dea), sugar'n cream cottage bag.


three skeins of white yarn ,water slide blue Bernat baby Boulce',soft lemon Baby Boulce'

Hook Susan bates size Q, Susan Bates hook set size f-k, Boye size N, Annie's attic Easy Tunisian Cable Crochet hook sizes M,N,P

Clover Items

Yarn cutter, and tape measure,needle threader
A Tote

A book about Virgina, shot glass from Virginia,

Bath and Body works
Country apple shower gel,Country apple body cream,country apple anti bacterial Moisturizing hand soap,country apple Deep cleaning hand soap, apple candle

2 French vanilla Coffee,soft peppermint candies,2 Symphony candy bars,Werther's originals

5 12 in squares

Sticky Notes
a cute pack of sticky note

After all that you can not tell me I am not the luckiest person

Ivan crochet has struck

I got a envelope in the mail on 19th took me until today to be able to post.
The picture does do it justice
there is a zoo pet pattern book
you can felt pattern book
afghan favorites pattern book
a shell bookmark
and a really sweet card

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The spoiling has started

I spent today helping my Daughter stay comfortable after she fell off her skateboard .
My Secret pal sent me a email and two cards one just for my Daughter make her feel better. How sweet is that. I have to be so lucky to get wouldn'tyou like2know she is so great

Monday, May 14, 2007

Camp Skookumchuck

I went to look at my cabin I truly love the item of bed for camping this is really ruffing it lol

I got my Sp for summer swap today's should be fun .. Tonight I plan I sneaking into the other camps and putting cling wrap on the porta seat of the other camp counselors . maybe fill their bath tub with lime jello. Fill there bed with frosted flakes.

I am off to get some idea for my partner .. Wonder if she has pets? kids will have to find out

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Today we should be happy we are mother's .
Be happy someone yelled at you woke you up at least you know you are alive and you are lucky to have someone that looks up to you for everything from a kiss on boo boo . To the talk about stranger danger .Or just to give a hug. Everyday say I love you to your child you never know it might be the last thing you get to say to them.

The sun is shining the birds are singing and I am alive . I have kids that love me I have food in my stomach. A roof over my head. clothes on my back. I am lucky.
I have a mother that has stood beside me in everything I do . She picked my up when I fell she dusted me off and set me on my way . I have a wonderful mother she never has judge me for the bad choices and never has told me I told you so though I have left her many chances to do so. I have a wonderful mother .She forgives me for being the worst child anyone could ask for she never stopped loving me though I would have.

I have a wonderful mom she picked up the broken pieces of my heart when the door of life slammed in my face. she help me put my heart back together when my husband left me with a newborn baby and never reminded me she told me I should not married him he was all wrong.

My mother are like diamonds scattered on a beach if you do not take time to let the sand run though your finger you will never find the diamond hide in side to treat your mother like the time take time to see the beauty hide inside

I love my mom and though I never said thank for all the things she did and still does.My mom put her life on hold to come and help me while I have been sick , My mom reminds me to take care of myself.she reminds me even if I don't feel like eating food is my friend. I love my mom she gave me life today and she raised me to my the person I am today . If I am half the mother my mother has been to me then my kids are very lucky .

Friday, May 11, 2007

I have been slacking

I have so much to catch up on .

Donna Lynn was a angel for a pet swap partner. She was so understanding I was ill and guess what she didn't laugh at my sad attempts at blankets for her fur babies.

she sent me great things for my fur monster,. She sent a dog bowl mat shapes like a dog bone way to cute. she sent dog bones (and eveny triple check they were not on a recall list) she sent a kong shaped like a fire hydrant. and a raw hide chew. She even thought to send me thank you notes for all the thank you's I need to send out.